patience dear one

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s that life has its own pace. Despite what we consciously feel, think, dream or desire, everything happens to the tune of Divine Timing. Of course this can be extremely frustrating, especially when there is something in our life we desperately want to change, but that’s how it works. I laugh when I read the latest new age sellers trying to convince us that if only we use the Law of Attraction as our guide, everything we focus on will come to us. Sure it will, but only when the Universe is good and ready to provide it. And if it wasn’t written in the script for our current life, well who knows. The underlying rule to manifesting is that we have to be a vibrational match to whatever it is we are desiring. So if something isn’t coming as fast as we’d like, and accepting that it is part of our script, then it’s more than likely that an internal block is obstructing the connection. So despite all the positive energy we may be consciously putting toward it, if our subconscious mind believes we don’t deserve it, are not worthy of it or will never have it, then we are unknowingly sabotaging our own efforts. Becoming aware of what is actually blocking the path to what we desire is half the journey and investing in the healing of what may be long held patterns is worth every ounce of energy it takes. Through this work we can discover deeply hidden beliefs we didn’t know existed, let alone were influencing the outcomes of our life choices. And once we’ve done the work to acknowledge and release any pattern or belief that was keeping us from the very thing we desire, we are halfway towards receiving it.


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