the art of meditation

Oh how I love meditation. It is my one place that feels like home. And given I’ve moved 8 times in the past 6 years as life has deconstructed and rebuilt itself on a completely different plane, I personally know what it means to not have a home. Or rather, it’s been a test to find the feeling of home within. Meditation can be practiced in many ways. I’ve never had formal instruction but have attended weekly groups over the years in various places with different teachers. Mostly, I have practiced alone in my own space at home. I have created my own method that works for me and I find the energy comes through stronger when in the sitting position rather than lying down. I don’t sit in the lotus position, being cross-legged works just fine, but I’ve found once the energy of Soul takes hold, it moves you to where you need to be anyway. I use incense, candles, instrumental music and sometimes my tibetan healing bowl to set the intention to slow the body down to a relaxed state, but being aware of breath moving in, out and through the body is always the essential point of focus. I move my breath through each of the Chakra points, from Base to Crown, to consciously clear these energy centres, allowing the meditation to then move into its own space. The energy of Soul will straighten the spine, visions of light may move across the Third Eye region, an energetic feeling of spaciousness around the body may come as the aura strengthens, a burning sensation from the Crown may intensify and the feeling of rising up may take hold. Each experience is different, typically lasting around 45-90mins. Sometimes I remain conscious of every sensation within the body, other times I experience the distinct feeling of having been somewhere else where a whole piece of music has played and I haven’t heard a note. I use the time for prayer, for expressing my dreams and desires and for asking for guidance and clarity but it’s always a sacred time I respect, where I also express gratitude. Meditation is direct connection to Spirit, to Angels and Guides and to the Soul. Always intensely rewarding and always bringing forth the love that is sometimes concealed in our daily lives.


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