healing the healer

Energy healing has been with me for several years now. Not so much the idea of becoming a healer as accepting that I am a natural healer. Through my own journey of healing I’ve found people quick to judge what a healer should be, how they should act, what they should look like. I wasn’t comfortable putting myself under that kind of scrutiny so I pushed my own ability to the background. Spirit of course, had other ideas, repeatedly taking away other traditional jobs and continually energizing my hands and body to the point of distraction. In one part of my life I endured over 12 months without an income trying to avoid the task of healing. It was an enlightening period of rapid spiritual growth forcing me to accept there was more to my working life than my creative work. Of course I already knew this. I’d been told by many mediums I have the mark of a healer and in any case, I feel the energy rise in me daily. And I know if there was ever a time to share the gift it is now. Humanity is changing and many Souls are unaware the intensity we’re all experiencing in our daily life is connected to the Universal consciousness shift. We are all in it together and lightworkers can help. It’s evident in the total peace and love that fills a person’s face after a session. Healing the human spirit can be an enchanting experience.


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