is this a past life

How many lives do we really have? It’s a question that cannot be answered since we all have a Soul purpose defined purely for own growth. But if you look closely at your own life, the clues are there, hidden in your personal interests, your loves, your natural connections. Ask the question and you will be shown the answer. It just may take awhile to see. “What is it about France?”, I casually wrote in a journal one night in July 2009. It’s been an inexplicable interest for me since childhood, a special affinity that I’d never truly understood. Twelve months later I asked the question again, and the most unexpected answer came to me one night while reading a memoir set in Paris. In fact, a whole stream of answers suddenly came together showing me how a series of unrelated events in my life had in fact been clues to get my attention. It was a past life. One that tied into the experiences of this current life. It was all there for me to see but all I could do was step back and laugh out loud. Are you serious? Apparently so. When brave enough to discuss it with a well trusted friend I almost fainted mid sentence. A little later I dreamt of being in France, telling the owner of a stone cottage that I had been there since July 2009. Other lives came much easier. I recognized the repeated clues and asked the question. It was Atlantis. Then Lemuria, the American Indian and others. When discussing these with another well trusted friend, again, I almost fainted mid sentence. Understanding karmic patterns is one thing but connecting to the essence of your Soul is a powerful energy. That essence is always with you. Different personality, different genetics but the light of your Soul remains the same. It’s the longing thats the clue.


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