Awakening wasn’t part of my life plan. I didn’t know I wasn’t awake and had no conscious awareness of Spirit while growing up and yet spiritual awakening was my 10th road. It was always going to be part of my life and be the most important link to my mysterious 12th road. Awakening is a challenging journey, especially when unprepared for it. And considering it involves recalibration of the body in order to reconnect with the energy of the higher realms, its no wonder. Everything physical changes as it becomes infused with the healing light of Source energy, enabling the Soul to shine through and master the Ego. But as Ego is our physical identity, our personality, and for many of us, all that we know, the experience of breaking it down can be traumatic when misunderstood. The process of awakening is guided by Spirit as part of the greater Universal program for the Ascension of our Mother Earth and her inhabitants. A grand plan far beyond our own earthly 3D comprehension but at a personal level, enduring long periods of darkness and facing endless difficulties as life is turned upside down over and over can be confusing and daunting. My own experience of Ascension has been going on for several years, at one point leaving me physically exhausted and melancholy and falling into a deep depression plagued by loneliness and isolation. Initially I didn’t understand why life was coming apart but at a critical point I was touched by Spirit for the first time. An important signpost for me that life was not all as it seemed. “Try not to take it so personally”, they said. Words I will always remember for opening up a whole new world and redirecting my life onto a path I could never have expected.


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